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At Avian Guitars, we pride ourselves in holding the highest standard in fanned fret intonation. Each of our fret slots are carefully cut and measured to ensure perfect note intonation across the fretboard. 

Our fanned fret scale lengths vary each string, the measurements being 636, 641, 643, 647, 651, 655mm. 

Only one fanfret can be ordered per guitar. Can be combined with other customization options. Customized guitars will take 3-5 months to make before they are shipped out. 

Note: This is the customization option for the fanfret fret layout only. Purchasing this does not include the whole guitar shown in the images.

Also widely abbreviated as "fanfret", guitars with fanned frets provide a large range of benefits that are largely sought out by many.

Having a fanfret layout changes each string's scale length (distance from the guitar's nut and saddle) so the lower strings are longer and the higher strings are shorter. Due to the nature of lower-pitched guitar strings, longer scale length on a string means better tone. This also allows for the lower strings to be tuned lower as they maintain a higher string tension without increasing the risk of the string snapping. With a shorter scale length, the higher strings can be tuned higher than normal due to less tension required to keep the string at it's original pitch.

A concern regarding fanfrets is the difficulty of adapting to this different fret layout. You'll find many testimonies of guitarists who've experienced fanfret guitars say that the fanfret layout isn't at all difficult to adapt to and in fact is hardly noticeable, even when constantly switching between a normal and fanfret guitar.

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