Avian Dove All-Solid Handcrafted Guitar


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Avian Guitars

Top-quality, handmade instruments

Designed by the collaborative efforts of master luthiers from the United States, the Avian brand of guitars possesses bold and innovative avant-garde appearances. Every single Avian guitar is crafted by hand using top-quality tonewoods carefully selected for its aptitude for producing beautiful sounds. The design, playability, and tone of Avian stand out as the highest class in the modern era of guitars. delivering an experience you will never forget.
Our tonewood gradings range from AAA to AAAAA, depending on the model. Tonewoods are selected based on their hardness, resonance, and appearance. Only woods that meet our standards are picked to craft our guitars. Every tonewood undergoes a two-year natural drying process in a 40% humidity environment.

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7A, 5A, 3A


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