Avian Tiers

Our 7A models are the highest possible quality guitars we offer. All 7A guitars are made for custom order. The guitar is built using AAAAA grade tonewoods of your selection.

The 5A build option brings you top-tier quality level of craftsmanship. The guitar is built using AAA+ grade tonewoods.

The 4A build option is the most cost-effective of the Avian Guitar models. The guitar is built using AAA grade tonewoods.

The 3A build option is the more affordable design to enjoy the beautiful voice of the Avian Guitar. The guitar is built using AAA grade tonewoods.

Guitar Case

The Avian deluxe guitar case is included with every purchase of an Avian guitar. Each case is tailored to the size of your Avian, whether your guitar is big or small. Being a hard case, it will offer your guitar the protection it needs.

The case features a textured, flower patterned exterior and a cozy, snug interior. A pocket is located under the neck-area of the guitar to safely stow away small equipment such as tuners and picks. Four drawbolt latches are positioned around the case to ensure ease of access and security.