7A Guitars

Email us at avianguitar2018@163.com with your guitar type, tonewood and customization choices.

Tonewood options


  • German spruce (Default?)
  • European spruce
  • Italian spruce


  • Cocobolo rosewood (Default?)
  • Madagascar rosewood
  • Flame maple

Guitar Type

  • ($3880) Songbird
  • ($3880) Skylark
  • ($2700) Dove

Customization (optional)

  • ($160) Beveled armrest
  • ($160) Fanned frets
  • ($160) Fingerboard inlay
  • ($240) LR Baggs Anthem pickup

Our 7A models are the highest possible quality guitars we offer. All 7A guitars are made for custom order. In the future we plan to build specific models of the 7A guitars with their own designated tonewood. For now, we provide the custom selection of tonewoods and customization options, tailored to your liking.